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Catch Active Sourcing Engine

Embark on your recruitment journey with CASE, our Catch Active Sourcing Engine. This revolutionary technology employs cutting-edge machine learnng to identify potential candidates across the web.
Precision Scoring
CASE searches the web with unparalleled precision, leaving no stone unturned to identify the most promising candidates.
Real-time Updates
Keep pace with the ever-evolving candidate landscape as CASE provides instantaneous updates, ensuring you never miss out on top talent.
Platform Agnostic
Seamlessly integrate CASE with any system or platform, offering unmatched versatility and accessibility in your recruitment endeavors.

Artificial Talent Activator

Move beyond interest and activate the full potential of your candidates with ATA, our Artificial Talent Activator. This advanced technology leverages psychological models and machine learning to create a compelling candidate experience. Dive into the features that make ATA a game-changer:
Personalized Messaging
ATA crafts personalized messages tailored to individual candidate preferences, creating a connection that goes beyond the job description.
Behavioral Analytics
Gain deep insights into candidate behavior with ATA's advanced analytics, empowering you to make data-driven decisions and optimize your recruitment strategy for maximum effectiveness.
Conversion Optimization
Elevate your candidate engagement and conversion rates with ATA's intelligent optimization techniques, ensuring every interaction with potential hires leads to impactful results.

Individual Strengths Analysis

Secure the perfect match with ISA, our Individual Strengths Analysis. This final touch goes beyond job fit, evaluating candidates based on skills, personality, and cultural alignment. Explore the features that make ISA the cornerstone of cultural integration:
Holistic Assessment
ISA provides a holistic evaluation, considering not just technical skills but also soft skills, ensuring a well-rounded understanding of each candidate.
Skills Mastery Matrix
ISA meticulously evaluates candidates' technical proficiencies and industry-specific skills, ensuring they possess the expertise necessary to excel in their roles and contribute meaningfully to your team.
Personality Fit Profiler
ISA analyzes candidates' personality traits, communication styles, and interpersonal dynamics, identifying individuals whose personalities align seamlessly with your company culture and team dynamics.
Decoding Catch AI's Technological Marvel
Our AI-driven approach is a symphony of features designed to redefine how you attract and retain talent. Explore the core features that make Catch AI a beacon of innovation in the recruitment landscape

Precise Candidate Identification

Our AI-driven technology identifies the most suitable candidates for your positions.

Artificial corporate personas

Rest easy with Catch AI's robust data security measures, ensuring the confidentiality and integrity of sensitive candidate information throughout the recruitment process.

Targeting by design

Seamlessly integrate Catch AI into your existing systems with flexibility and ease, minimizing disruptions and maximizing the efficiency of your recruitment workflow.

Performance Analytics

Gain valuable insights through comprehensive performance analytics, allowing you to fine-tune your recruitment strategy based on real-time data and feedback.

Frequently asked questions

Answers to commonly asked questions about our platform

How do you ensure that suitable candidates are found?
Our algorithm learns with every published job posting. We work with data and experience from tens of thousands of application processes in hundreds of channels to achieve the best possible results. Through our precise targeting, we ensure that exactly those candidates are addressed who fit your job posting and have the highest probability of being interested in your posting.
Where do I find my contract?
All information about your contract and where you can access it can be found in our GTCs.
What is the advantage of the ISA method?
The personal fit is the most important factor for a long company tenure. So if you make sure from the outset that candidates not only have the necessary skills but also a suitable personality, you can prevent frequent changes in the company and have to fill fewer positions in the long term. In most professions today, the required skills can easily be learned within the company, while the personality usually hardly changes and remains stable over the years. However, candidates with a suitable personality are often already sorted out during the applicant pre-selection process due to a lack of skills, as no suitable conclusions about a candidate's personality can be drawn from the application documents. And even in personal interviews, it is often not clear how a candidate is to be assessed. Miscasts and frustration on both sides are the result. To solve this problem, Catch Talents has developed the Individual Strengths Analysis (ISA Method® for short). It enables a reliable analysis of the personality already when the application is received. In this way, personality can already be included as a criterion in the applicant pre-selection process. Candidates answer a few selected questions that allow suitable conclusions to be drawn about personality traits. These are then compared with the requirements for the position. This results in a meaningful matching score, which makes the pre-selection easier for you.
Can I also capture industry-specific skills?
To ensure the best possible comparability of applications, you can freely record all important skills in Catch Talents. Here, language skills and other competencies can be stored in a structured manner with the desired knowledge level in the requirement profile. In addition, free text questions can also be asked.
What is Active Sourcing?
Because few actively seeking candidates and increasing fluctuation due to a high willingness to change have come together, the pressure on personnel recruitment in companies is higher than ever. However, there is a great potential in the labor market that many are not yet taking advantage of: Passive candidates. Their number is ten times higher, they are better qualified and more experienced. However, it is not possible to address passive candidates via classic job boards. As a result, more and more money is invested in the search for candidates on job boards, but the desired effect fails to materialize. Active sourcing is different. Here you become active yourself and search, mostly in business networks like Linkedin or Xing, for suitable candidates and contact them directly. Active sourcing thus increases your chances of finding potential candidates many times over and is therefore an indispensable part of a modern recruiting strategy.
Is the software data protection compliant?
We place very high value on data protection. Our software is hosted entirely in Germany and is built to be 100% DSGVO compliant. Furthermore, our software is regularly audited by our external data protection officer. If you have any questions regarding data protection, please contact us directly at
How long does it take to set up the software?
The software is ready to use within a few minutes after registration. If you need help with the setup, you can book a personal onboarding with us at any time. After the personal introduction, you are ready to go immediately.
How quickly do I get help with problems?
Our support is available on weekdays from 09:00 to 17:00. The fastest way to reach us is via our ticket system or by phone. In addition, you can contact us around the clock by e-mail( Here you will receive an answer within 24 hours on weekdays.
What is included in my plan?
This determines the monthly price of your subscription. The price covers the distribution of your jobs on over 150 job boards including automatic active sourcing. In addition, all features within the software are included in the price. This also includes your own career page, integration into your website, any number of user accounts, personal onboarding after registration and extensive support from our product experts.
Where are my posts distributed?
Your job postings are automatically published on a variety of job boards. Where exactly your jobs are displayed depends on the type of job. Our system decides which channels are best for the job, depending on the category and settings. Our main channels are LinkedIn, Indeed, Facebook, Instagram, Monster, Google, XING and the Federal Employment Agency. A complete list of all job boards and channels is available upon request. Furthermore, you can choose for yourself on which paid job boards your advertisement should additionally be distributed.
How many users can I add?
The number of user accounts within the software is always unlimited, regardless of your chosen plan. This means you can add more user accounts at will and at no additional cost. Invite your entire team and experts from the business department to decide together.
Where can I additionally publish my job postings?
When publishing your jobs, you can choose from over 500 paid channels. These include job boards such as Stepstone, and Jobware.
How quickly will my posts be disseminated?
Your jobs are usually published within 24 hours on the channels you have booked. In addition, jobs are updated weekly, keeping your job postings current and visible to candidates even after a long period of time.
Can I customize my subscription?
Your package can be upgraded at any time. To do so, contact our support at

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